Fervid Group

About FerVID

About The FerVID Group

Our Vision

To be the industry’s premier provider of recruiting, consulting and training using the best resources available to always deliver the best for our clients.

Our Values:

To succeed over the long term, one needs to be very clear about one’s beliefs and core values, which define its ethics, management and culture. We believe:

  • People are the strongest asset of a company.

Believe in everyone you work with, your team, your clients and your partners. The idea of symbiotic relationship isn’t new. But many companies have lost their way by focusing on profit above all else. At The FerVID Group, we work hard to developing good relationships with everyone with whom we work, partner and interact. We believe in bringing out the best in everyone, and investing in them. If our people are successful, the company will be successful.

  • Provide the best services with integrity and a passion to succeed.

Passion with realistic goals, integrity and good business ethics and practices helps us provide the best service we possibly can. Our results will create the credibility we need to succeed.

  • Technology for progress.

Technology continuously changes what is possible for our clients. We value the delivery of technology that enhances our client’s work life, their company’s performance and the working relationship we share. We invest in technology as in investment in people’s experience of a better way to work.

Our Community

Companies – Tired of having several recruiters who do not understand your domain try and find candidates? With FerVID, our industry experts candidate screening and supporting digital resources allow you to filter candidates that meet your needs, and move fast enough to recruit the best while competitors are bogged down in lengthy traditional recruiting processes.

Candidates – We are always looking for senior level candidates with significant experience. Our business plan and financial model works best for experienced candidates earning more than 100K annually, though there may be exceptions. In any event, the company recruiting candidates pays for our services, not the candidates.

Consultants – Perhaps you accepted a voluntary retirement from your company or have simply decided its time for you to have the flexibility to apply your knowledge and talent on your own terms and timetable. Because of our industry-expert recruiting strategy, we especially value your experience and expertise. Whether you are interested in being on our candidate screening team, want to be placed in consulting engagements or are ready to return full-time to a company team, we may well be a match for you. We will work with you to meet your time and schedule preferences and maximize the hourly rates you retain, and take care of all the marketing and back office needs while you concentrate on delivering your skills.

Our Goals:

  • Provide the best recruiting and talent management resources for clients.
  • Provide the best opportunities for consultants.
  • Continually develop our “expert network”