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How to Reduce Recruiting Time

Reduce Recruiting TimeOnce you make the decision to hire someone, every day seems to pass by at a snail’s pace. To avoid a lengthy recruiting cycle, here are several things you can do to get the ideal candidate on the job sooner rather than later.

Plan Ahead

Every now and then, your personnel or business requirements change quickly and you have to fill a position immediately. In many cases, though, you may have enough foresight into your business to proactively plan ahead. Think about projects in the pipeline for the next six to twelve months or industry cycles that typically dictate staffing requirements year in and year out.

Plan also for not finding your dream candidate. You’ll no doubt have a profile of the ideal candidate in mind – both technical and behavioral requirements. But what if you can’t find that person? Think in advance about what qualities or skills you’re willing to compromise on if, after two, three or four months you don’t find the person you’re looking for. Be ready to offer training to fill gaps in skills, or even be prepared to explore the possibility of bringing in people from other industries with similar skill sets.

The point here is to think in advance about when you’ll need talent and to have a plan ready for what you’ll do if you can’t find the right person.

Have a Reliable Screening Process

Too often, companies don’t have reliable, replicable screening processes to winnow down a pool of applicants. Do yourself a favor and evaluate your screening process with an eye toward making it as efficient as possible, with narrowly defined timeframes for what will be done, by when and by whom. Without a reliable and documented process, screening applicants tends to take too long and inevitably good candidates are either passed over or snatched up by other employers.

Act Quickly (or live with the regrets)

“A” level talent doesn’t wait around. More often than not, they’ve got multiple offers or are savvy enough to know they can get multiple offers. To avoid losing out on great talent, make sure your company has efficient and documented job offer, hiring and on-boarding procedures in place. Then ensure that hiring managers know the risks of dragging their feet on making hiring decisions. A delay of even a single day can mean losing a potential star to the competition.

Planning ahead, putting a reliable screening process in place, and being ready to act quickly to hire the right person. Do these things and you’re certain to shorten your recruiting time.

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