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HR Insights From The G’Day USA Houston Event

The Australian American Chamber of Commerce put on a great event this past week in Houston, TX under the G’Day USA initiative. This event was attended by over 300 people from USA and Australia with some highly respected speakers from various corporations and entities from both countries. The main presentations and keynote speeches were around opportunities in Australia, Unconventional Plays.

The conference started off with Dr Foss providing her insight into world energy. The agenda after that was packed with discussions around unconventional plays in the US and Australia. I enjoyed meeting with an listening to Matthew Battrick, Managing Director of Sun Resources. The one session that made an impression on me was the roundtable discussion led by John Howell. Michael Yeager CEO BHP Billiton, Rod Eichler COO Apache, Honorable William Westra van Holthe and David Byers – APPEA.

One of the topics discussed was the concern amongst the community about unconventional plays and the technology being used for it. The answers were very convincing. The context was that if a company operates with honesty and integrity, and that culture and belief is honored by all employees, then, it comes down to communicating the good practices to the public. There was a quick discussion also around having government or 3rd party inspections carried out and all companies should work towards getting the inspections done – and not think of it as a burden.

Some of this resonates with all of us. Maybe an Award of some sort – like the Malcolm Baldridge Award or the ISO certification can be applied to unconventional practices. This way – a 3rd party certifies that all operations are done as per requirements without causing harm to the environment or anything else.

Some of the discussion above is very important and relevant to HR as well. An understanding of the issues and events can transform a team. Each team can become much more strategic if they listen to such discussions, understand it and then relate it to what is being done on a daily basis. This is a good step towards being Strategic. I know that lots of people reading this Blog might be HR folks as well. Think of this – as a great way to connect with the business side of the world. Understanding such aspects brings HR closer to Business Strategy and communication as well.

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