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Qualifying Candidates: Why “Good On Paper” Isn’t Good Enough

Rethink ResumesResumes. Every job seeker sweats over them. Every HR generalist has a drawer full of them. Every hiring manager relies on them. Thousands of businesses exist to create, tweak, shorten, expand, craft, tailor, perfect them.

But does anyone really like them?

What value do they actually bring to hiring managers and job seekers?

Time to Rethink Resumes

HR representatives and hiring managers have long used resumes as a front-line screening tool. A cursory search for key words plucked from a job description quickly weeds out unqualified applicants. A more thorough review for certain job experiences further reduces the pool. What’s left are candidates who look good on paper. The right education, the right work experience, the right training. Following time-consuming phone screens, the company finally invites a few candidates in for in-person interviews.

But what happens when the process results in candidates who aren’t suited for the job? The company gathers more resumes and starts the process all over.

When “good on paper” doesn’t result in solid candidates, it’s time to re-evaluate the value of a resume.

Video Resumes

A person’s work history is nothing less than his or her professional story – a story with major and minor plotlines, dramatic scenes, fascinating settings, and compelling conflicts and resolutions. It’s virtually impossible for someone to adequately tell their story in two or three pages in a prescribed, static format.

Job seekers, hiring managers and HR representatives would do well to augment formal resumes with additional tools that allow applicants to better tell their stories. Video resumes, for example, are helping some applicants share their job histories in a more personal, tailored way. There are a handful of companies providing these services with varying degree of success. The risk here is that these are “visual resumes,” little more than talking heads.

Better Ways to Represent Candidates

While the addition of video resumes is an improvement over a paper resume alone, still more can be done. What if, for example, a video was more dynamic? What if it mimicked an actual interview a client might conduct?

We believe the time is ripe for a better way to represent qualified candidates. We’re working on these kinds of break-through tools and methods.

What do you think? How can candidates better represent themselves? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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