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Shotgunned Resumes kill Job Searches

This post addresses Resume’s

Shotgunned resumes kill job searches.
Yup, that’s right. Shotgun your resume to every human being or company portal that will
take it, and watch your job search die.
Company portals notoriously get 100’s or even 1,000’s of resumes every month. This
frustrates them, because many resumes are way, way off the mark, and the recruiters
have to weed through them to get to the people they want. Now, in this market for Oil &
Gas, it is a thousand times worse.
This flood or resumes leads to many good ones being overlooked. It is no secret. Ask
any corporate HR person and they will tell you. They just have too much to do…too
many jobs to fill (most years)…too many different skill sets to know, to review every
resume in detail. Many resumes in job portals get a glance. That’s it. Kind of like playing
flashcards when you were a kid playing the memory game. Oops, missed one! That’s
ok, there are a thousand more here.
Now is when you plan.
We have all heard the words of wisdom about planning. “Failing to plan, is planning to
fail.” And, “Plans are worthless, planning is everything.”
With regards to whom you send your resume, remember the recruiter who specializes in
your area. You see them. They have probably reached out to you. In the down times,
the recruiters who specialize are the ones who know where are the few jobs to be had.
That’s because all they have done in the 5 years leading up to this down cycle, is to
work one specific area, and Corporate HR knows this. Also, Corporate HR knows that in
bad times, their company needs to hire the best candidates…as quickly as possible…,
and specialists know who these are.
The catch is that if you “shotgun” (think of a shot gun and how it sends dozens of pellets
hitting everything and anything, indiscriminately) your resume, you effectively shut down

the use of a recruiter who specializes in your field. Our clients won’t let us represent
someone who is already in their database and has applied to a job. We want to
represent you, but we can’t represent you.
Here is my advice. Find two, maybe three, recruiters who: 1) know your area of
expertise well (you know this by calling and talking to them) 2) who will take the time to
talk to you (see point #1)
If you don’t have these relationships now, you may want to consider starting. You will
make it through this tough time, once again, but another tough time is 5-7 years away.
Have your connections lined up ahead of time, before then next down cycle.
I specialize in the Upstream Oil & Gas Lifecycle, and would be happy to hear from you.

Your resume’ is your first contact with your employer, make the most.

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