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What Employers Should Expect From Recruiters After The Hire

What Employers Expect From Recruiters After HireThe search is over. You’ve got the perfect candidate in the door and within days she’s making real progress on your top priority project. Don’t celebrate too quickly, though. Unfortunately, many promising new hires leave their jobs in the first three months. It’s enough to perplex even the most diligent hiring managers.

New hires leave for many reasons. Sometimes the issue at hand is obvious – the actual job requirements don’t match the job description, for example. Other times the issue is more nebulous. Important job satisfaction indicators such as corporate culture, team chemistry and outlook for future growth often tarnish an employee’s view of his new job.

To guard against these scenarios, employers should secure these three services from their recruiting firms:

1. Onboarding Process

Sometimes the smallest thing can erode a new hire’s confidence in his or her new company. A proper onboarding process ensures that nothing falls between the cracks. These typically include actions such as verbal and written reviews of the employee’s job description and annual objectives, an overview of HR policies and software platforms, timely benefits registration, and ample one-on-one time with key internal stakeholders in the early days.

2. Strategy to Integrate Candidate Into the Company

On average, it takes someone about a year to fully integrate into a company and into their role. To accelerate that timeline, deploy an effective employee integration strategy. More nuanced than an onboarding plan, a new hire integration strategy is a customized plan for an individual. These strategies consider issues such as how and when to best leverage a new hire’s expectations for their job, culture integration, personal development plans and career planning guidance.

3. Retention Policies

Retaining the best employees requires intentional effort. Retention policies can be developed to cover a wide range of tangible and non-tangible factors. Recruiting firms experienced in attracting top talent can also help identify factors that can retain top talent. Policies can be developed around compensation, work-life balance, working environment and so forth.

Don’t spend all your time and money on the search only to lose the talent war in the end. Work with your recruiting firm through the early months of employment until your new star is fully integrated into and satisfied with your company.

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