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Career Reboot 101 – Petroleum Geoscientists

  I get so many questions from every experience level of Petroleum Geoscientist (and parallel skill sets) about what their career options are, so I put some thought into it…interviewed some who took a different path…and came up with this. I hope it is useful. This article mostly addresses the issue when a newly graduated […]

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A new fad in recruiting? – “Retained Search”

  It is old, but has become new. Let me explain. Do you ever notice how you (candidates) get so many more calls from recruiters stating that they have been “retained by so-and-so company to find…(ostensibly you)”? Well, in years past I have personally been in a coaching session for recruiters in which the trainer […]

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Why I recruit Petroleum Geoscientists

This applies to Geoscientists in general, but my recruiting focus is on the petroleum side of things, so I will speak about my experiences there. I recently had a conversation with a candidate for an area in which I don’t usually recruit but I was trying to help a colleague out, so I gave it […]

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Shotgunned Resumes kill Job Searches

This post addresses Resume’s Shotgunned resumes kill job searches. Yup, that’s right. Shotgun your resume to every human being or company portal that will take it, and watch your job search die. Company portals notoriously get 100’s or even 1,000’s of resumes every month. This frustrates them, because many resumes are way, way off the […]

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Personal Capital -Part 2

This post addresses Personal Capital in relation to mentorship. What does your Failure say about your Mentor?…maybe nothing, but the risk to your mentor is that people may think there is a correlation between your success and their mentorship anyway. I have had this post in my mind for well over a year now but […]

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Personal Capital

This post addresses Personal Capital in relation to mentorship. Leadership often is hesitant to be your “official” mentor…to use their “Personal Capital” (aka Reputation) to help you. “Personal Capital” (aka Reputation) is the phrase a personal friend/mentor of mine uses that I feel best that describes the risk associated with being a mentor, or speaking […]

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HR Insights From The G’Day USA Houston Event

The Australian American Chamber of Commerce put on a great event this past week in Houston, TX under the G’Day USA initiative. This event was attended by over 300 people from USA and Australia with some highly respected speakers from various corporations and entities from both countries. The main presentations and keynote speeches were around […]

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What Is Talent Management?

Understanding Talent Management As It Relates To Your Business The phrase means different things to different people: Wikipedia describes talent management as the anticipation of required human capital the organization needs at the time then setting a plan to meet those needs. The process of attracting and retaining profitable employees, as it is increasingly more […]

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How To Get The Gold Medal In Human Resources

I watched the coverage of the Olympics over the weekend and caught a segment on Olga Korbut, the former Soviet Union gymnast who captured the world’s attention at the 1972 Munich Olympics. I knew she had won the gold medal, but I didn’t appreciate that she was a game changer – for gymnastics and for […]

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Wanted: Top-tier Candidate Looking For Long-Term Relationship With Recruiter

Here’s a piece of advice that can steer strong candidates from frustration down the road: find a recruiter who wants to have a long-term relationship with you. When you do, just as with any other kind of a relationship, you’ll increase the likelihood of having your needs met. If that sounds too much like your […]

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