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Hiring Overview

   Expert-Led Recruiting
= Qualified Candidates

Some years ago, when we were the hiring managers, we got fed up with the endless stream of unqualified candidates presented to us by our recruiting firms. So, we figured out a better way.

FerVID Recruiting

The problem with traditional recruiting firms is that their people are experts in the field of, well, recruiting.

So, hiring managers and their internal human resource people waste precious time culling through inadequate misfits the recruiter can’t distinguish as unsuitable for the job requirements. And since the hiring manager is already doing the work of the person they need to hire, the traditional recruitment process only adds to the pain.

When we were supervisors in the oil and gas and technology industries, we used to complain, “If only I could clone myself and focus on finding the right person, I could do it myself!” But that wasn’t possible. Until we realized, it was.

And that’s how The FerVID Group – and the most relevant, effective methodology for recruiting executive and technical talent – was born.

Experts Recognize the Best Talent

We actually do the work you thought you’d be delegating when you hired a staffing firm!

At The FerVID Group, seasoned industry-expert consultants in the candidate’s field screen and qualify prospective new-hires based on market intelligence and real-world experience.

Before any employer time is invested in meeting candidates, hiring managers and human resource professionals pre-screen candidates by watching expert-led video interviews that allow clients to conveniently “witness” the most relevant aspects of the interview without the need to coordinate and conduct in-person appointments.

Finalist candidates then can be interviewed in person, which relieves you of the interim screening process you usually endure with traditional staffing and recruitment firms. (Since we typically screen and interview a hundred before we present three-to-five viable candidates, we actually do the work you thought you’d be delegating when you hired a staffing firm!)

And because our process for vetting job-specific qualifications and cultural fit right-matches candidates to your company, the personnel we place are known for making effective quick-starts onto client teams.

Longer-term, successful job placements generated by The FerVID Group process help build productive working relationships between over-taxed human resource departments and busy hiring managers by reducing the need for involvement by functional experts who rely on their human resource departments to find the best people for their teams.