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Executive burnout is a common ailment among middle- and senior-level management professionals. If you are starting to feel your talent and experience are under-appreciated in your present position or your once exciting career has become just another job, you need to visit The FerVID Group. Our unique screening and evaluation system has scored unprecedented success in matching skilled executives with companies needing the exact qualities you possess.

For prospective employers, enterprises needing dynamic, self-starters who can take your company to the next level; find the management talent required when they engage The FerVID Group’s experienced executive placement team. More than sourcers, FerVID’s team members are finders and matchers, making the extra effort to ensure you get what you want and need, ensuring the best match for both parties involved.

FerVID’s executive placement team exercises maximum confidentiality in developing position-match parameters. We know that, particularly at the executive level, the candidate must precisely fit the needs of the employer just as the position description must energize and stimulate the applicant.

We Help You Stand Out

candidates appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate their unique values

Perusing one-dimensional résumés is a thing of the past. Employers value FerVID’s multi-dimensional interview technique that supplies the elements of an objective evaluation with a candidate’s suitability. At the same time, candidates appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate their unique values to prospective employers that might not come through from traditional application documents. Often, hidden talents are revealed, or concerns not discernable from the position description are clarified. This rich communication environment ensures a true win-win scenario for both parties.

For industry veterans, here’s a way to reinvest your valuable experience to extend and enhance your personally- and professionally-rewarding careers. Our trained, experienced interviewers are people like you, who have done the job and have experienced its benefits and challenges. They know what prospective employers want and need, and they know how to recognize the attributes of the applicants that make a perfect fit. That’s the FerVID difference.

Call or contact us today at to learn how our executive search firm can align your needs with our candidates’ enabling qualities, or vice versa, to obtain the perfect match.