Fervid Group

Expert-Led Recruiting

Subject-Matter Expert Screener

Takes One to Know One

One industry expert identifies another industry expert to fill the key position that will make a real difference for your team.

About Expert-Led Recruiting

Industry-expert consultants help clients articulate the job requirements accurately.

The FerVID Group offers tenured industry-experts a unique, flexible, compensated opportunity to leverage their invaluable experience to screen and mentor candidates, as well as consult for our clients.

The FerVID Group employs retired and independent oil and gas and technology industry-expert consultants to screen and qualify candidates to deliver ideal candidates based on the evaluation of real-world technical qualifications, experience and cultural fit.

Our highly regarded industry-expert consultants help clients articulate the job requirements accurately – a significant yet often overlooked part of the hiring equation. Then, our industry expert participates in the candidate screening process, designs technically challenging interview questions, leads probing interviews, qualifies the candidate’s actual experience and recommends individuals for placement.

Sharing a Wealth of Expertise

Sometimes, the client is so impressed with our expert leading the recruitment process, they ask to hire the expert too! So, we offer our consultants on a fee-for-services basis when an employer requests our expert’s knowledge and experience beyond the staffing need.

Additionally, The FerVID Group consultants actively mentor and share knowledge with candidates during the recruitment process in an effort to increase the probability of matching candidates with positions, and to improve the satisfaction of all involved in the client partnership.

Perhaps most important, The FerVID Group’s unique recruiting process allows experienced, seasoned experts to leave a legacy to their industry, and be a part of its continued growth and excellence.