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Graduate Screening -Recruiting

Our system helps you extend your team to reach and screen various universities and screen the graduate talent for your team

About GradVID

Connecting companies with university placement using the GradVID platform.

The FerVID Group offers an online system/ platform to enable you to extend your virtual reach to various nationwide universities and extend your graduate hiring program, without the need to travel and physically be present at all locations.

Our GradVID platform provides a unique, flexible way to screen and mentor candidates, as well as recruit from universities.




Screening Process and Portal 

The hiring team creates a description of the candidate profiles and skills relevant to the company and their graduate hiring needs. The team also creates a short list of interview questions. All of these details are used to create the company profile on GradVID, and also interview template which will be used to screen candidates. This portal can be then sent to university hiring departments or placement services at universities, and shared with their recent graduates/ graduating class.

The students then login as per their convenience and review the requirements, as well as register for the screening interview.  The hiring team has the option of doing an initial screen, or can invite all applicants to go through the virtual video interview on the portal. This can be then reviewed by the experts and rated accordingly for  further perusal by the Company University hiring teams.

The value addition is the cost and time/effort savings of traveling to various universities, while still benefiting from access to the graduates.