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Hiring Technology

Hiring Technology

Any Time, Any Where. All You Want to Know.

You can get a full picture of the best candidates anywhere you can access the Internet.

The Resume Is So Yesterday

After a while, every resume starts to look and sound the same.

And the long, tedious process to plow through a pile of CVs, request and review work samples, conduct phone interviews and manage multiple in-person interviews by all your key team members, exhausts everyone and fails to reduce the time to confidently hire a candidate.

Enter The FerVID Group

A robust technology platform to give hiring managers and human resource departments the answers.

Like many industries, the staffing business has long needed to evolve – far beyond simple concepts like the video resume featuring a candidate reading his resume aloud — to meet the needs of clients who dwell and thrive in a digital world.

Just as modern pioneers in the banking and real estate industries transformed their traditional and irrelevant business practices to provide customers information on demand, with rich, meaningful content online, The FerVID Group has created a robust technology platform to give hiring managers and human resource departments the answers they’ve long been seeking.

Presented in user-friendly environments, all candidate information is stored for anytime access by your hiring team.

  • Want to see how each finalist answered the same question? It’s easy to compare with a few clicks.
  • Need time to evaluate each candidate’s work samples? At your fingertips when your schedule permits.
  • Like the work history but want a feel for the cultural fit with your team? Get to know the person by skimming their video interviews, recorded in a relaxed environment with an industry expert who earned their respect and trust.