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Education, Networking Key to Industry Return Game Plan

Abhijeet Narvekar's Insights Highlighted in Rigzone

Abhijeet Narvekar ~ The FerVID Group

Rigzone, an online leader in oil and gas news, recently asked The FerVID Group’s co-founder, Abhijeet Narvekar, to share his insight in an article titled Education, Networking Key to Industry Return Game Plan:

Abhijeet Narvekar, co-founder of the Houston oil and gas recruiting firm The FerVID Group, said that the prospects for scientists and engineers wishing to return to the industry is mixed. “From our experience, we’ve seen that there is definitely a place for mechanical process, control and chemical engineers to return to the oil and gas industry,” said Narvekar. “Most of these engineers know how to apply the same processes, methodologies and best practices in different industries.”

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