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The FerVID Group Offers Key Insights Into Oil & Gas Hiring and Career Management at Recent Industry Events

Recruiting Firm Partners Focus on Effect of Crew Change on Young Professionals and Hiring for Shale Exploration

HOUSTON (July XX, 2012) – Co-founders of The FerVID Group, an executive search firm that uses expert-led recruiting technology to serve oil and gas clients, recently shared key insights and advice to young professionals challenged by the industry’s Big Crew Change and industry employers struggling to meet workforce demands in shale production.

Speaking at the Roughneck Camp 2012, an annual one-day conference sponsored by the Society of Petroleum Engineers and geared for professionals with less than five years experience, FerVID Group Co-founder Abhijeet Narvekar presented “Let the Games Begin: How to Win the Crew Change Challenge?” Armed with statistics that show more than 22,000 industry professionals will retire within the next five years, Narvekar challenged the young engineers to proactively manage their careers to position themselves for success.

“While the reality is that there is a sizable gap in mid-level career professionals and it will take time to fill that gap, you have an excellent opportunity to position yourselves for a very successful career,” Narvekar told the audience. “But that will only happen if you make it happen. You have to be proactive and you have to be intentional about developing yourself.”

Narvekar challenged the audience of about 175 engineers to aggressively pursue additional avenues of learning. He advised them to consider internships that fill experiential gaps, to get involved and become known in online discussion groups, and to make contacts that will help their professional development.

At a separate event, FerVID Co-founder Dhimant Desai was a featured speaker at the Infocast Shale Boom Workforce Summit. Sponsored by Rigzone.com and other media partners, the event was geared for oil and gas companies struggling to meet the workforce demands of increased shale production in Texas, North Dakota and the Marcellus-Utica region.

In a presentation titled “Where Are the Jobs? Where are the People to Fill Them?,” Desai outlined the critical challenge facing shale producers: increasing demand for qualified and skilled labor met with decreasing supply of such labor. Desai shared analytics run by The FerVID Group that indicate key positions for shale production over the last two years are in higher demand. The most critical areas include skilled rig workers, transportation resources, engineers and project managers.

To face the workforce shortage challenge, Desai recommended shale producers deploy both short-term and long-term strategies. “In the short term, companies can analyze workforce data to find pools of great talent,” Desai said. “Other key tactics include hiring skilled workers from other industries and geographies, and then training or mentoring them as necessary. In the long-term, focusing on employment branding and retention programs will help attract and retain great talent.”

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About The Fervid Group (7322 Southwest Freeway Suite 804 | Houston, TX 77074)

The FerVID Group’s proven approach to sourcing subject-matter experts – not recruiters – to vet candidates for key positions is helping energy clients overcome the frustration of not being able to find the right people for their teams. Serving major service and supply companies as well as E&P companies, The FerVID Group is taking the oil and gas industry by storm. Helping clients to not only win the “Big Crew Change,” The FerVID Group has also caused clients to recognize the value in using a unique, expert-led, technology-driven recruiting process. For more information, visit www.thefervidgroup.com and connect on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About the Speaker, Abhijeet Narvekar

Abhijeet (Abhi) Narvekar is a Co-Founder of The FerVID Group, a technology driven, expert-led recruiting firm based in Houston, TX that has invested significantly in an experiential screening process that delivers multiple highly qualified candidates to oil and gas hiring managers competing for the best available talent.

Narvekar is a frequent contributor to various industry trade publications and blogs where he enjoys sharing best practices in talent and data management with oil and gas professionals. His expert commentary has been published in Fox Business News, Rigzone, OilOnline, Oilfield Technology, Petroleum GIS Perspectives and in numerous technical whitepapers. From the boardroom to conferences, Narvekar also speaks to hiring managers and HR executives about the relationship between data and talent management, hiring trends in the oil and gas industry, strategic recommendations for overcoming the oil and gas “crew change,” and motivators for candidates to consider job offers in different fields.

About the Speaker, Dhimant Desai

Dhimant Desai is a Co-Founder of The FerVID Group, a technology-driven, expert-led recruiting firm based in Houston, TX that has invested significantly in an experiential screening process that delivers multiple highly qualified candidates to oil and gas hiring managers competing for the best available talent.

With more than a decade of technical sales and consulting experience, Desai’s background positions The FerVID Group as a leader in advanced talent management by effectively leveraging innovative technology tools to enhance the recruitment process. Prior to starting The FerVID Group, he was an IT consultant specializing in various IBM systems. He has also held numerous positions within and outside of IBM Corporation where he helped clients optimize their product experience and assisted in the development of cloud-based rational tooling for the company’s Enterprise Modernization (EM) projects.

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