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Tips for Hiring Outside the Box

Abhijeet Narvekar’s Insights Highlighted in Fox Business

Abhijeet Narvekar ~ The FerVID Group

Fox Business asked The FerVID Group’s co-founder, Abhijeet Narvekar, to share his insights in the article, “Tips for Hiring Outside the Box“. Check out Abhijeet’s thoughts on the topic.

This is about an attitude change, said Abhi Narvekar, co-founder of The FerVID Group, a recruitment agency specializing in the oil and gas sector. “Lots of candidates have expertise and know a process in and out because they have applied it in another industry.

Narvekar, of The FerVID Group, recommended the new employee be assigned a “buddy” or mentor.

Present the new hire in a way as ‘this person compliments our team, but he or she will need help to understand our products and process for getting the work done, said, Narvekar.

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