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Talented Candidates

Data is only as valuable as the knowledge and wisdom gained from it.

Oil & Gas Consulting

In order for raw data to be any useful, it has to go through a process of adding meaning, context and application -so that meaningful decisions and actions can be reached upon.

Our team has had years/decades of experience converting data to knowledge and wisdom, gained through educational rigor and tons of pertinent experience with various companies and industries.

Within the Upstream -E&P sector, we have developed practice areas /solutions -applying the above refinement process to the voluminous data gathered by the millions of sensors and studies in the field.

Analysis and Interpretation

The FerVID Group has a good consulting practice focused around analysis and interpretation of geological and geophysical data, for conventional as well as unconventional plays.

We have a team of petrophysicists and geophysicists who have decades of cumulative experience  and can assist you with Modeling (Basin and Reservoir), Exploration and Development Geologic and geophysics analysis projects.  They are experts in various products including but not limited to:

  • Basin Modeling: BasinMod, Permedia, PetroMod, TEMIS etc.
  • Exploration Geology: Petrel,
  • Exploration Geophysics: Techlog, Petrel,
  • Development Geology: Gocad, Petrel, Jewelsuite, RockWorks, ArcGIS
  • Development Geophysics: Petex

We believe in getting the best value from the acquired data while maintaining highest accuracy and success.

Reservoir Modeling and Basin Evaluation

Another practice area is Reservoir Engineering, including Modeling as well as Economics. Experience with products like Nexus, OPM, MSRT for Modeling and ARIES, PEEPS, IHS Powertools etc. for economic analysis.

Production Optimization

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Digital Oilfield

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