Fervid Group

Hiring Process

Our Formula, Your Success

A proven, repeatable process delivers high-level candidates, quickly and painlessly.

The FerVID Group expert in your candidate’s field will work closely with you to determine your hiring needs.

Meet Your Subject-Matter Expert

The FerVID Group assures client satisfaction by partnering with you to define mutual objectives, determine key performance indicators and implement service agreements to provide the needed services and report progress.

Building on years of industry knowledge, The FerVID Group expert in your candidate’s field will work closely with you to determine your hiring needs. Our consultant will guide you to articulate an accurate and meaningful description of the personnel requirements – in a compelling way to appeal to the most talented and sought-after candidates.

Throughout The FerVID Group process, we will guide you in creating and promoting the position to make your company the employer-of-choice among the best and brightest in the field.

We’ll Sort & Screen ‘Em

As much a data-driven technology company as a staffing partner, The FerVID Group identifies hundreds of potential candidates for a given position. Utilizing our proprietary software, we narrow the prospect pool based on pre-established qualifiers to short-list potential candidates worthy of our expert’s time to evaluate.

Our Expert Interviews First

Next, the expert videotapes an in-depth conversation with the candidate in an interview designed to reveal both technical competence as well as work style. A seasoned industry veteran, our expert handily probes for technical knowledge and capability, and explores the many facets of the candidate’s professional accomplishments and aspirations.

Digital Delivery, Direct to You

Accessing your finalist candidate information through our password-protected, secure site, you can elect to view as much or as little of a candidate as your time and interest dictate. Additionally, resumes, work samples and supporting documentation such as references, background checks, and work permits remain housed on the site ready for reference as needed.

HIRED! Another Win For You

By the time you’ve “met” your finalist candidates in the many multi-media formats we provide, your in-person interviews allow your team to gain deeper insight into the candidate and begin to build a rapport that enhances your chances of securing the best talent available for your position.

And the dual mentorship provided to you and the candidate by your industry-expert process leader enhances the environment for a successful new-hire negotiation likely to lead to a long-loyal employee.