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A Hiring Process That Works!

Unique Screening and Video Interviewing

Recruiting employees who will be able to add value to your organization within a short timeframe is hard work. The pressures imposed by today’s business climate make it difficult for executives to devote the time to efficiently screen and select applicants.

Video Recruiting

The FerVID Group can offer a one-on-one, in-person feeling that is lacking in other video-based interview systems

The FerVID Group’s unique screening and video interviewing technique gives busy executives like yourself -the insight they need to generate a short-list of highly qualified candidates to choose from. With secure web access, key members of your management team can quickly review interviews from anyplace on the planet, turning the screening process into an efficient, dynamic exercise. Not just talking heads, the video files reveal the technical, business and personality attributes of the candidates as they converse in a face-to-face interview with experts from your industry. Our clients feel they get to know the candidates on multiple levels, making it easy to evaluate their qualities and imagine how they will effectively integrate into company teams and projects.

Because we use professional interviewers, experienced in the industries for which they are interviewing applicants, FerVID’s video interviews provide rich, relevant content that includes the applicants’ demeanors as well as their real-world competence. Only The FerVID Group can offer a one-on-one, in-person feeling that is lacking in other video-based interview systems.

Delivering the best, the first time

If you need a short-list of qualified candidates who are pre-matched to the position you are trying to fill, call The FerVID Group today. We will do all the “heavy lifting” for you and provide fast, secure access to candidates whose occupational qualifications and personal qualities match your needs.

For industry veterans, here’s a way to re-invest your valuable experience to extend and enhance your personally- and professionally-rewarding careers. Our trained, experienced interviewers are people like you, who have done the job and have experienced its benefits and challenges. They know what prospective employers want and need, and they know how to recognize the attributes of the applicants that make a perfect fit. That’s the FerVID difference.

Call or contact us today at to learn how we can align your needs with our candidates’ enabling qualities, or vice versa, to obtain the perfect match.