Does Your Recruiter Have The Right Resources?

Good Recruiter Has Right Resources

The right recruiter will have a number of resources to help you find the perfect job.

An important piece of evaluating your recruiter is making sure they have the designated resources to accommodate your every aspect of your job search. You need a full service recruiting company. Only a full service recruiting company will have the resources that you deserve. This is especially true if you are an executive or a experienced professional who is looking for your vast knowledge and background to be placed accordingly.

One easy way to evaluate the resources of a potential recruiting company is by simply checking out their career opportunities or job listings they have online. An expert-led recruiting company will have a well designed website highlighting their job listings/career opportunities.

Also, an expert-led recruiting company will have job listings on their website that are exclusive to their company, and will not be on larger sites such as craigslist or monster. This is a simple way to evaluate the exclusivity of a potential recruiting company.

This leads into another point of evaluation, which is in regards to relationships. Does your recruiter have outstanding, long-term, well-cultivated relationships with both employers and former candidates? An overarching theme that is a requirement in any effective job search is having the right connections.

Trusted Relationships With Employers

An expert recruiter will have created trusted relationships with companies who view this recruiter as a reliable source of supplying them with talent. Finding a recruiter like this will be a huge resource to you, for working with a recruiter who is a trusted source of supplying dynamic talent will give you just the advantage you may need in finding you that next big break.

In evaluating a recruiter, make sure the recruiter values talent. An expert recruiter will be able to both recognize the relationship between experience, and talent. Sometimes, experience and talent unite in harmony, and at other times, experience and talent may conflict. An expert recruiter will have the ability to recognize that a candidates talent may translate to a different field, that they may not have experience in. This ability is generally practiced under the title of career coaching.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is essentially an advanced practice of probing the talent pool that an expert recruiter will do. You may not know that your talents could provide you with an entirely different career path. Or you may not know what your next step is and need some career counseling or coaching to see where your talents and experience can take you. An expert recruiter will be able to both tap into what you want, and see potential in you that you may not see.

Working with a recruiting company that provides career coaching may also match you with a job that you never thought was a possibility. A recruiter has the perspective that knowing the other side of the coin allots. They know what employers are looking for, and through some career coaching, they may see something in you that they know an employer wants.

This is one of the many reasons working with a recruiter creates such a distinctive advantage. Some recruiting companies may charge for career counseling depending on the time they are putting into it, but typically it is a free service.

Building A Long-Term Relationship With Your Recruiter

Develop Long Term Relationship

A long-term relationship with your job recruiter will prove helpful in every stage of your career.

A central theme in this resource center in regards to finding an expert recruiter is passion. A passionate recruiter is concerned about your future, and wants you to be happy with the job position they have facilitated for you. Building a long-term relationship with a recruiter will only help you in your career and your quest to be happy in regards to your job.

Do not hesitate to reach out to your recruiter after you have made the transition back into the work force. Let them know how you are doing, if you have any questions or concerns. A recruiter who has passion for connecting talent with employers will encourage you to update them, or even take it a step further and check in with you.

They will want to make sure you are enjoying your new job, getting out of it what you have discussed, and feeling fulfilled. If you are not, they will be proactive in reassessing your position, possibly helping you adjust.

Invest In Your Future

Creating a long-term relationship with your recruiter is an investment in your future. It will provide you with a point person who not only believes and understands your experience and talents, but also has the capability and desire to help you if wanted or needed.

Building a long-terms relationship with your recruiter is beneficial for both you and your recruiter. It provides a platform for success, so at any time if you are unhappy you can go back to your recruiter and voice your concerns. Also, as mentioned an expert recruiter values talent, and will want to keep in contact for if in the future you are not happy, they will be happy to find you a better position.

By following these simple steps you will find the right recruiter, who has the capability to put you on the path to finding the perfect position.


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