How To Evaluate Your Recruiter

Evaluate Your Recruiter

The proper evaluation of a job recruiter is imperative in finding the right position.

Being able to evaluate your recruiter can prove to be imperative in the success of your job search. An expert recruiter will provide you with stability in a potentially unstable time. The foundation of the stability that an expert recruiter gives you, as previously mentioned, is their passion. Having a passion for the business of being able to place the right candidate with the right employer is the basis in which you should evaluate your recruiter.

Only if your recruiter is passionate about their job, will they truly be able to find you a job you are passionate about. Their passion will trickle down to other avenues that will help you to find the best position possible. This passion that an expert recruiter has will resonate in your job search, and hopefully ends with you having the same passion for your new job.

Make Sure Your Recruiter Is Dedicated To You

Dedication is a huge area of evaluation that you should pay close attention to. You want a recruiter who is dedicated to not only finding you a job, but the right position. This can be a process, and it is necessary for both you and your recruiter to schedule the right amount of time, dedication, and patience that your job search requires. With taking that into consideration, you also need to take into consideration that every job search is different.

You may sit down with a recruiter and they have the perfect fit for you on your first meeting. However, this is not typical. Often times it is a journey that takes time that require a recruiter who has that time allotted, knowledge and resources to best accompany you on this journey.

Interview Your Recruiter

Knowledge is power and having an expert-led recruiting firm represent you will empower you with the knowledge and resources you need to advance your career. Just as it is a recruiters job to evaluate your experience and essentially what you bring to the table as a professional, so too should you assess their background. In properly evaluating your recruiter taking a look at their background will prove helpful.

For example, do they have expertise in the field you are looking to get hired in? If you are in the business of oil and gas, then you need a recruiter who has an extensive background and a comprehensive knowledge of that industry. An extraordinary quality that some expert recruiters possess is relatable work experience in your desired field.

Expert-led recruiting groups have innovative approaches to their hiring process, which revolves around recruiters who have specific backgrounds that reflect your own. A well-staffed recruiting firm will have different recruiters who bring experience in different subject matter, and have knowledge in a specific niche, industry, or piece of the job market. It is important to note that the experience of your recruiter is first hand real life work experience, and not researched.

An expert-recruiting firm will only hire recruiters with 10 years of work experience in their specific industry. For only then can you truly be referred to or considered an expert. This will give you a tremendous advantage, and create a level of trust that will allow you to feel comfortable knowing that the person searching for your job understands exactly what you are looking for.


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