How To Find The Right Recruiter

Find The Right Recruiter

Finding the right recruiter is the first step in finding the right job.

The job market is competitive, and sometimes finding the right position means finding the right recruiter, or recruiting team. Life is often about connections, and knowing the right person can be the difference between getting the right job, and being passed over.

Often, you may only need to be presented with an opportunity to be connected with the right people, and your skills and talents will take it from there. At other times you may need to pause, and evaluate where you want to go, and what you want out of a job.

Searching for a job can be extremely exhausting and overwhelming, but it can also give you an opportunity to find something new and exciting. Maybe your skills can translate perfectly into a new field that you never even thought was a possibility. The right recruiter will be able to assess your talents, and give you some career coaching and mentorship that can put you on a career path that you may have never even thought of.

There are some basic rules to follow that will help you in finding the right recruiter for you.

Where Are You At In Your Career?

One of the first steps you should take in finding the right job placement recruiter is evaluating where you are at in regards to your career. For instance, are you just beginning your career, and just beginning to gain experience? Then you probably need a recruiter who can help you in some basic job searching, resume building, and maybe some mock interviews to better prepare you.

If you have some significant work experience, but are thinking about changing career paths, then you may need a more dynamic recruiter that will supply you with aspects that basic recruiter, or smaller job placement firms will not have, such as career coaching.

Career coaching is a helpful tool that only an expert recruiting team can provide you with. This mentorship will give you a foundation to not only re-evaluate yourself, but also provide you with the connections to make this transition easy.

Finally, if you are a seasoned professional with vast experience and knowledge in your desired field, than you need an expert-led recruiting group that can complement your significant background, and has the experience of placing upper management and leadership positions. You need an expert-led recruiting group that has specific knowledge of the field you are in, and trusted relationships with companies that will get you the job your experience demands.

For example, if you have experience as an executive at an engineering firm then you need a recruiter who has a comprehensive understanding of the engineering field. A recruiter who has the resources and connections in the engineering field that is necessary to best match your experience.

Ethics Matter


A recruiter who has integrity will not accept bribes or bonuses from candidates.

As in any industry there are some people who hold themselves to a higher level than others. Job recruiters are no different, and there are some that pride themselves on a certain code of ethics, and some that do not.

One way of weeding out a recruiter or recruiting company that is not worth working with is by researching if they charge you to find you a job. Most ethical recruiters will not charge the individual for job placement. A dynamic job recruiting group will have trusted relationships with businesses that need them to find dynamic talent, and that is where their revenue stream should come from.


Bribes are also a topic regarding ethics that needs to be addressed when trying to find the right recruiter. If a recruiter is taking bribes from individuals in order to find them jobs, then it is a recruiter who is not worth you time.

It is also not okay to give a job recruiter a bonus for finding you a job. Sometimes when things get desperate people resort to desperate behavior. You may think that by offering a bribe or propositioning a bonus to a job recruiter for finding you the right position is an easy solution to your job search needs. However, it is not, and will not put you on a long-path to success.

Bribes-bonuses, and any other unethical behavior are all signs of a recruiter, or recruiting company that is not worth your time. An expert-led recruiting group will be passionate about what they do. They will have the potential employer and your best interest always in mind. Taking bribes or bonuses, would not be ethical or smart because a recruiter worth working with always has the big picture in mind, and that is finding the right fit for both you, and the employer.

An expert recruiter understands that a bonus or a bribe is a short-term goal that will have long- term ramifications. Recruiting firms are only as good as their reputation and the relationships they have cultivated and maintained.

Taking a bribe or a bonus is something a professional recruiter would never do not only because it is unethical, but also because it jeopardizes their relationships with the businesses that rely on them to find the right talent. If a recruiter is taking bribes it is a clear sign that they do not have the passion or connections you need to find you the right position.

These are just a few basic ideas to consider when you are trying to find the right recruiter. After considering these elements that will help guide you to finding the right recruiter you then need to evaluate your recruiter to make sure your he or she meets all of your wants and needs. Please check out the article on how to evaluate your recruiter for this information.


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