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An innovative interview process including videotaped, expert-led conversations allows you to best represent your capabilities to a prospective employer.

The Ideal Position

I’ve had a wonderful experience working with the Fervid group. They notified me about a technical position with a great company in Houston and worked closely with me to make sure that I would be prepared for the process. In short they treated me like a person rather than a number. I appreciated their attention. Although I did not end up accepting the position because of personal reasons I would have no reservations in working with them in the future.

-A Senior Software Developer with over 20 years of experience in the OIl & Gas industry

Create an Enhanced Profile & Get Matched With the Best Opportunities

We are always on the lookout for qualified candidates for our numerous clients across various industries. We would love to have your profile on our list so that we can match you to the right opportunity when it comes along. We will work to find a great fit for you as the next step in your personal career map; a place where you can add value to the employer’s team, growing with them toward your goals and theirs.

We are uniquely suited to assess the best fit for both parties: companies and candidates. We take a comprehensive approach where we create an enhanced profile for you and try to match you with the best opportunities. Not opportunities just based on keyword matches, but a match with competency matrices that we develop while working closely with each hiring manager. This ensures that we present you with only the screened opportunities that are best suited to your skills, needs and wants. You can be assured that it will be worth your time invested in developing your detailed profile with us.

Some of the Things Your Enhanced Candidate Profile Includes

The profile we create is more than just your resume and contact details. The resume is just the base; a foundation on which we build the profile. We encourage you to share other assets that you might have: presentations, whitepapers, designs, software code, etc. We try to create visual elements from your resume whenever possible like cloud tags, infographics and more.

And finally – the best feature – a video interview. When we match you with an opportunity, we work with a client approved expert (an SME within your category) who helps us lead a discussion/interview online that we record and add to your profile. This discussion represents a highly dynamic piece of your profile because it gives you a chance to represent yourself as much more than just a resume document. It adds the elements of audio and video, and your skills and enthusiasm for your work can shine through.

We get your approval before sharing the profiles with anyone: it’s all controlled by you. So feel free to browse our job listings for any opportunities you might be interested in, or create your profile here and we will connect with you as soon as we find an ideal opportunity.