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Career Coaching

We help talented candidates clarify their career plan.

We do not coach potential hires as to how to interview for a specific job, but we do help talented candidates clarify their career plan.

Career Coaching

At FerVID Group, our clients are companies with specialized hiring needs. When potential employees present themselves, we do some career coaching as we probe whether there might be a match. Though we do not advertise ourselves as “career coaches,” we often provide this service without charge as we develop our talent pool. We value talent, and when we find it, we want to see it thrive.

Two Sides Of The Hiring Challenge

Both companies who need to hire highly technical candidates and the technical candidates themselves face a similar challenge. The company needs someone with the right skill set and the right mindset for the job, with the potential to make a long-term contribution to the company. At the same time, the candidate wants an opportunity that utilizes his or her skills in an environment with the right corporate culture and one that is in line with his or her long-term career plan.

We pride ourselves on not only having in-depth knowledge of our client companies and what they do, but on knowing our candidates well, too. Through the assessment process, we may recognize talent that is not a good fit for a particular position. In that case, we will do some career coaching with the candidate to help uncover the setting where he or she would be a perfect match.

Career Coaching At The FerVID Group

We do not coach potential hires as to how to interview for a specific job, but we do help talented candidates clarify their career plan. Some candidates who present themselves to us at the FerVID Group have excellent technical knowledge, but lack clarity on their long-term goals or how to reach them. They may be uncertain whether to remain in a technical position or seek a management opportunity.

If they see their future in a technical area, what potential advancements might they seek? What additional training do they need to meet their goals? How can they increase their visibility in the technical community to make themselves attractive candidates for a potential employer? How can they market themselves to the perfect company? When we recognize talent, we embrace and nurture it, in hopes of matching the candidate with a current or future client. We regard candidates as clients.

Are You Talented And Looking For The Right Job?

If you are a talented professional with technical industry experience, we are interested in working with you. Even if what you have to offer does not appear to match our current openings, we will gladly assess your talent for a future match. Happy with your current job? We will coach you on how to prepare for that too-good-to-refuse opportunity that may await you down the line.

Interested in joining our talent pool for current careers or benefiting from our career coaching? Contact us electronically or phone at (713) 364-3378.