About Us

The FerVid Geosciences team boasts 20+ experienced consultants covering a full-spectrum of subsurface skills that enable us to provide integrated consulting work.

  • Easy access to necessary expertise as needed
  • No need for additional parties or contracts
  • Elimination of mistakes from experts working in “silos”

The FerVid Geosciences team has global experience gained over the course of our collective XXX years of work experience in the subsurface industry

  • We employ true experts who have seen and worked all types of subsurface problems
  • Whatever and wherever your project, chances are we have an expert who has worked there or on a similar project

FerVid Geosciences team members have worked together before in their careers, and bring the respect and trust built across decades in industry to their new adventure

  • Our experts know how to work with you and your staff
  • We can provide a true integrated project team that works together to tackle your most difficult projects

FerVid Geosciences can provide all levels of consulting service from individual experts to a full-scale project team – contact us today!

Types of Projects We Can Help You With

1. Subsurface Technical Analysis


  • Basin Evaluations
  • Regional Studies
  • Prospect Hopper
  • Drill Ready Prospects


  • Identification of key uncertainties
  • Appraisal Well Objectives
  • Formation Evaluation Program

Drilling & Operations

Real Time Well Evaluation

Well Final Integrated Subsurface Findings

Field Development Planning

Low Salinity EOR Evaluation

2. Resource Volumetrics & Risking

  • Resource Volumetrics
  • Exploration Risking
  • Production Risking
  • Operations Risking

3. Economic Analysis

  • Subsurface Inputs to Economic Evaluations
  • Value of Information (VOI) Analysis
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Integrated Expert Reviews
  • Mentorship
  • Look-back Studies
GeoScience - Process

Broad capability across the geoscience domain

Subsurface skills to work

  • Petroleum – Conventional and Unconventional
  • Geothermal
  • Carbon Capture Sequestration

Ability to work as an integrated team and deliver integrated products upon request

Fill critical work product gaps

FerVID Geoscience Family made up of individuals that:

  • Are highly experienced & skilled geoscientists
  • Have worked together, respect each other and want to stay together
  • Familiar with assets across most basins globally
  • Adhere to Client methodologies
  • Proven ability to perform

FerVID provides in-house quality control and quality assurance