Data Management

Data Is Only As Valuable As The Knowledge And Wisdom Gained From It.

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Data Management

Upstream Data Management

Data can be considered he bloodline of any business, and specifically in Oil & Gas, it is a critical component of your business strategy. Good data equates to good results and successful projects leading to higher profits.

The key components of data management are Governance, Search-ability, Transferability, Integration and Data Quality. We have grown our data management team with focus on these criteria and can provide services on either one of this aspects, or a comprehensive management service.

  • Data acquisition and study
  • Model building (Static as well as Dynamic)
  • Economic Evaluation
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Conventionals as well as Unconventionals
  • Log Validity
  • Gamam Ray, Density, attribute checks etc.

Digital Oilfield

  • Petrel and Plug-ins
  • Studio
  • OpenSpirit
  • PWE
  • Data Quality rules from Innerlogix, Datavera, Recall etc.
Data Management
Wellwork Optimization

Production Data Optimization

The FerVID Group ® (FerVID) enables our Upstream E&P clients to realize a more economic way to track, record, and to utilize data to make quicker decisions through building a more efficient and effective volumetric and operations data solution.

A critical aspect of our services is helping clients better utilize Production Data and Workflows. FerVID carefully integrates SCADA, Field Data Collection, and Allocations to provide accurate on-time Business Intelligence.

We craft our solutions using existing and new software in concert with well-defined workflows to integrate Production Data into your daily/monthly decisions, and reduce your cost of a BOE while making growth decisions.

Drilling, Completions And Wellwork Optimization

The FerVID Group ® works with your teams, workflows, and software solutions to maximize technology reducing data entry, consolidating and utilizing historical data to make daily decisions.

Our clients’ daily meetings and reports are critical aspects to their operations. Automating standard processes and enhancing workflows are critical to reducing the manpower to create reports.

The FerVID Group ® Has A Successful Client Track Record of Enabling Clients to make Timely Decisions by reducing Data Preparation.

Each FerVID client is considered on an individual basis. Our clients are invested in their software, procedures and operational solutions. FerVID understands the importance of re-using current processes and systems, while augmenting them with newer, best of breed solutions. With this hybrid approach, FerVID is capable of helping our clients decrease time to delivery of product, maximize production, and make decisions today that reduce the cost of a BOE, while increasing production and profit margins.
Business Intelligence

Our Competencies

1. Production Operations

  • Production Accounting and Allocations Support
    • Daily and monthly allocation experts including component allocations
  • Field Data Capture
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence using existing or best of breed tools
  • Regulatory Reporting

2. Drilling, Completion and Wellwork

  • Remote data collection
  • Data integration/migration
  • Vendor and AFE tracking formatted for easy work and viewing in formats the way Operations need to use.
  • Daily Reports

3. Reporting and Business Intelligence

  • Utilize existing and new applications to create the reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Validation and variance reporting
  • Validation and variance reporting

It Starts With Streamlining Field Data Collection For Production And Drilling/completions And Wellwork

  • Reduce Paper Processes & Redundant Data Entry with Mobile Workflows
  • Improve Data Quality by Increased Focus on Quality Control
  • Respond Faster to Field Issues & Make Better Business Decisions with Real-time Data
  • Optimize Data Capture with User-Defined Forms & Attributes so that it’s Easy to Administer as your Company Evolves
  • Integration with Production Accounting, Operations , Accounting & EHS processes
  • Workflow and software setup review and consolidation

Our Team

  • Deep working knowledge of E&P Operations, Accounting, Land, IT and Executive Management.
  • Work with all levels to help communication of needs then turn them into functional/IT requirements.
  • Working knowledge of most widely used software today for E&P Operations and Accounting, such as Peloton, Enertia, P2 (Merrick), Halliburtin (Decision Space) and many others.
  • Experts in mapping and integration. They know the data.
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence.
  • Experienced at Business Analysis. We combine your needs, industry knowledge, and provide best of breed solutions.

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