Came across this ‘Reasons not to hire an executive search firm’ post last week, and thought about sharing it here, and differentiating our approach -’ the FerVID way’ from the standard practice.

Most of the points made in the post are very valid. Hence the reason we saw opportunity where we – at ‘The FerVID Group ®’ could enhance the process, and make it more effective -in terms of time and cost while getting the right skills, the right players for your team.

Very few people have the knack of getting the position requirements right, and then to effectively document these requirements. It’s not a matter of getting some keywords and running the pool of resumes through this checklist. It is a matter of matching the right resource for the team at the given time. There is a lot of team dynamics and behavioral aspects which make the decision to hire (or not hire) a person very critical to the success of your projects.

Assuming you got past the above issue, how confident are you of the interviewing skills of various members of the team? The purpose of an interview is to gauge the prospects of the candidate, get an idea about his skills, value add, and gauge his fit into your team dynamics. Evaluate these traits not just for the ‘candidate’ today, but as an ongoing valued team member, with potential to grow with the team, the company. Again, very few people possess this gift. In fact, some interviews stoop down to the level of one-up-man-ship where the aim comes out to probe the candidates and find that one black mark or chink in his armor.

With our approach, we strive to get the candidate at ease, and help bring out the best in them, so that we can neutrally evaluate the fit for you. This evaluation comes from independent unbiased industry experts, who we involve to pre-screen and to conduct the ‘live interview’.

Another good point is about the payment terms. We agree recruiting people is not like dealing commodities. We are talking about people, their careers, and their contribution to the success of your team and company. We believe in the value of synergy and symbiotic relations. We believe in helping you win, so that we win with you. Hence we are very flexible on our terms and can work with you to suit your needs and constraints.

We also understand the value of domain knowledge and industry expertise. Hence, we get the right experts involved from your industry, and use their help in sourcing, evaluating and interviewing different candidates. This helps us make sure that the parameters used to evaluate candidates are absolutely current and valid.

We can also relate to the ‘global vs. ‘local’ conundrum. Hence we are focusing on getting our services customized in local cities (Houston and Dallas) to begin with, and seeking strategic partners across the nation. Only when we find partners with values and goals aligned with us, we will create franchises/offices in various cities. These will be strictly regulated for their commitment to the FerVID values.

Give us a chance and let us help you succeed. Contact us to discuss ways in which we can work together.